Compressed Air Management System


CALMS - Compressed Air Leak Management System

Quick and easy savings with calms applications

Leaking is present in industry that uses compressed air, steam or other gases under pressure. That is why there are a lot of potential savings. In some cases more that 50 %. In our more than 10 years long history in working with leak detection, we discovered that our work in a company is not as efficient as it could be, until we involved companies top management. Top management involvment makes systematization of the process possible.

How to systemize leak seeking and repairing?

For this purpose we developed special web application called CALMS ( Compressed Air Leak Management System), that is accessible with web browser at With CALMS you can monitor all activities on leak seeking and leak repairing process. You can also monitor energy savings and reduction of consumption of compressed air, steam or nitrogen. It’s cloud base can reduce time between leak discovery and repair for 50%. And guaranties for better traceability and control of leak management. In main menu of application, you can monitor number of detected leaks, estimated volume of leaked medium and cost of it on yearly basis. You can see the progress made with leak repairs. After the repair you can monitor savings and costs of parts needed to repair the leaks and the time of return of investment. Application has multiple account rights levels. Workers that do leak detection can easy enter the information about discovered leaks and final repairs with mobile application on smart phone or tablet PC. In every given time Energy management can monitor the reparations, savings made and make quick and easy reports with prepared templates or write their own.

Mobile Application

Mobile application is available for all smart phones or tablet PC’s with Android operating system. It makes data entry possible directly from the field. Synchronization is made via wireless network, speeding up the entry process and making it more efficient and accurate. And there is no need for manual entry or transfer from portable memory medias. With every leak you can attach up to three pictures or 30 seconds of voice recording.


CAEMS - Compressed Air Energy Management System

Advanced hardware, software and cloud computing solutions that enable compressed air systems to be quickly and easily monitored and audited online all the times.


– 3 in 1: Compressed Air Remote Monitoring System, Datalogger and PLC Control System for detailed analysis

– Plug and play device with user friendly interface

– WEB based application CAEMS together with CALMS

– Auto generated alarms & warnings with E-mail or SMS notification including details of malfunction

– Detailed analysis and report on customer demand, including potential savings and efficieny comparison from CAEMS Knowledge Database

– Possibility of expanding and remote software upgrading

– Multiple data export options (CSV, XML)

– Multiple access for end users and experienced CA partners


– Optimization of energy efficiency

– Time and cost savings

– Improvement of reliability and lifetime of your system and machinery

– Clearer knowledge and prediction of energy consumption

– Improve your environmental image

– Improve the investment process (energy equipment)

– Indispensable tool for performance contracting projects

– Gain information valuable to different company departments

– Improve the reputation towards the customer

– Lower the CO2 emissions